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Other graces and healings >> Miracles 2005

Abdo Maron el-Jalkh from Bhersaf (Lebanon) :
Abdo was infected by wart disease that was spread in all his hand, while his wife had one wart in her ankle. After many medical consultations and the usage of many drugs, Abdo couldn’t recover. One of his relatives brought him some oak leaves from the hermitage and told him: “ Boil this, wash your hands with it and St. Charbel will heal you.” Then his wife mocked him saying: “ We reached the 20th century and you still believe in legends.” “ I believe in St. Charbel”, he answered. He boiled the oak leaves, washed his hands and went to bed. In the morning, his hands were sound from wart. However, this latter appeared numerously in his wife’s foot. He sent his sister to Lebanon in 28/06/2005, in order to register his recovery and to bring some oak leaves for his wife.

Lamita Fouad Maatouk from Marjhoun(Lebanon) :
The child Lamita is a Lebanese emigrant in Australia. She was born with a hole in her heart and two valves, the first of 13mm and the second of 7mm. It was supposed to eliminate the second in order to graft at its place a valve of 13mm. At the eve of the operation, her sister Francisca, 12 years old, saw in the hospital St Charbel and Our Lady of Zgharta standing in front of the room’s window of Lamita. Our Lady said to Fransisca: “ Why are you afraid?” Then She turned to St. Charbel and said: “ He will heal your sister.”
In the next day, Lamita underwent a surgical operation to close the hole in her heart. When they started to graft the valve, they found it as thick as the other. Doctors were surprised and Lamita was healed. Her parents brought her to Lebanon to thank St. Charbel. They registered the recovery in 26/08/2005.

The child Zad Khalil :
Zad was born with two holes in his heart. The surgical operation is difficult and dangerous. When his mother was told about his situation, she vowed to St Charbel asking him to heal her son. Then the holes began to be more and more narrow until Zad was totally recovered without any surgical operation. His mother visited the Monastery of St Maron-Annaya and registered her son’s recovery in 14/01/2005.

Antoine Raidy :
Antoine was infected by cancer. He underwent many surgical operations in order to extirpate the disease. He was also treated by chemotherapy. However, he didn’t recover. His health condition decreased until he got into coma for more than three months. One day, the direction of the hospital decided to send him home as there was no hope from his recovery. Since his doctor was abroad, Antoine’s son called him, and the doctor said: “ I’m coming back tomorrow to Lebanon. Leave him at hospital because I want to examine him.”
 After long prayers for six months, the period spent at hospital, St. Charbel came to him while he was in coma and told him: “ Follow me.” Mr. Antoine regained consciousness, sound from his disease and surprising the doctors, the nurses, the direction of the hospital and his family. He registered his recovery in 26/05/2005.

Antoine Aboud :
Antoine was infected by intestinal cancer. Doctors failed to treat him by chemotherapy. Then St. Charbel and St. Nehmtallah appeared to him, each of them took him by a hand and let him sit on the bed. After he returned to hospital, it was clear that he was totally recovered from cancer. His sister Georgette registered his recovery in 22/06/2005.

Mariam Doumit :
Mariam was infected by spleens cancer. While she was treated in St. Joseph Hospital-Dawra, St. Charbel appeared to her, on his birthday night and put his hand on her belly. Then she was healed without any operation. She visited the Monastery of St. Maron-Annaya in order to thank St. Charbel for healing her. She registered her recovery in 12/10/2005.

Benjamin Aycho :
He works in a restaurant in Achrafieh and he suffers from asthma. All his income is devoted for medicines to the point that these latter aren’t sufficient anymore. When he consulted a doctor, he asked him to undergo medical exams. Since he hasn’t enough money for these exams, he visited St. Charbel, kneeled in front of the statute and started to hit his head with the    
stairs aiming to suicide, as he was desperate from his situation and asking St. Charbel to release him from this suffering life. At the moment, he was healed and registered his recovery in 21/01/2005.
Miguel Kenaan :
He was infected by a tumefaction in his spinal cord and his brain. This tumefaction could paralyze him and lead him to death. Then he stopped swallowing. He entered the American University Hospital where Dr. Youssef Comeir treated him. After the prayers of his family to St Charbel , Miguel was healed in 15/03/2005 and registered his recovery in 22/03/2005.

Eva Jounes :
For a long time, Mrs Eva suffered from distressing pains in his stomach. She visited St Charbel asking His intercession and demanding him to heal her. Then she took an oil cotton from St Charbel , swallowed it and healed at the moment from her disease , she registered her recovery in 22/03/2005.

Elie Issa :
As a result of a car accident, Elie broke his hand while he was in the United States. He underwent an orthopedics operation. After three months, the X-ray photographs showed that he needs another operation so can he articulates his hand, noting that the operation will take place on the next day. He took a relic of St. Charbel and put it into the plaster asking him to heal his hand. On the determined time, he entered the hospital for the operation. The surgeon asked him to make two X-ray photographs before the operation. Elie asked his doctor surprised: “ The photographs of yesterday are not enough?” But his doctor insisted. Elie brought the photographs and showed them to his doctor who said : “Your hand is sound, you don’t need a surgery”. Then he broke the plaster and Elie came back home sound and sane and visited St Charbel to register the miracle of his recovery in 23/03/2005.

Georges Saikaly : 
The child Georges was born after his grandmother, Norma Sfeir, prayed to Saint Charbel to help her daughter get pregnant after five years of marriage without having a baby. The grandmother begged St Charbel to let her daughter have a child as soon as possible and she waited a sign from him. One week after her visit to the monastery, her daughter got pregnant and she delivered her son on 08/23/2004.

Jack Abd el-Ahad : 
When he stepped out the elevator, Jack was attacked and stabbed by two thieves. They disfigured his face. After this accident, his injuries got infected and a big tumor appeared on his cheek. The doctor asked him to enter the hospital in order to eradicate the tumor. Then the young man took cotton of oil blessed from St Charbel and he rubbed his face and his injuries. In the next day, the tumor was gone and the scars were about to disappear. Jack visited the monastery of St Maron-Annaya to thank St Charbel who healed him. He registered the miracle on 04/21/2005.

Marie-Therese Sfeir :
Before the birth of Marie-Therese, her parents had a boy. But at the moment of his birth, they discovered that his blood was contaminated. He only lived one month at hospital and he was dead because they failed to heal him. When Marie-Therese was born, she was ill by the same disease. They lost hope of her recovery because her case was similar to that of her late brother.
Her parents prayed to St Charbel and they visited the monastery wishing that their daughter could recover. St Charbel responded to their prayers. Marie-Therese was born on 03/25/2005. She left the hospital on 03/31/2005. Her parents registered the miracle and she was baptized on 4/11/2005.

Elias Awad : 
Elias was infected with a disease in his leg and he was unable to walk for three years. All medical efforts couldn’t relieve him from his pains. Then he prayed for St Charbel who appeared to him and he healed him. He registered the miracle on 05/29/2005.

Ghazy Stephan : 
He was infected with cancer, which has spread in all over his body. He underwent a surgical operation after which he had to undergo more than 30 sessions of chemotherapy. After the second session, the priest of the parish, Albert Assaf, brought him a tissue blessed from the body of St Charbel. He rubbed his head, his chest and his belly. At the moment Ghazy was recovered and there was no need anymore for the chemotherapy. After two years, he did the necessary medical tests and it was clear that he was totally healed. He visited the monastery of St Maron-Annaya with the priest in order to thank St Charbel. He registered the recovery on 05/18/2005.

Karl Mkheyber : 
When Karl was still a fetus of four months, he started to get out of the belly of his mother who suffered from muscles looseness. Once he got out, he will die. When there was no solution, the doctors decided to abort the mother. Because he is the first child, his parents decided to pray for St Charbel, the only one who can help them. Due to him, the fetus stayed in his mother’s belly until the 8th month and he was born normal. His parents came from the USA on 05/15/2005 in order to thank St Charbel.

Olga Ghantous : 
After 30 years of pains in the kidneys, the stomach, the head and the eyes, Olga recurred to St Charbel hoping he could reduce her pains and heal her.
Thus, St Charbel appeared to her, he examined her and excised two big stones from her kidneys and a black substance from her stomach. She was healed on Christmas evening in 2004. She visited St Charbel to thank him on 05/11/2005.

Rafy Namroud : 
After six years of marriage, Rafy and his wife discovered that they were sterile and they couldn’t have children. They were treated for so long but in vain. Then they prayed together the novena of St Charbel hoping to have a baby. While she was sleeping, the wife saw St Charbel in her dream and he said to her: “ I want to give you a baby. Name him Charbel.” Thus she had her son Charbel in 2003. After the birth of this boy, St Charbel appeared to the father and told him: “ I want to give a son. Name him Yazoch-Manuel.” This boy was born in 2004.
The parents visited the monastery of St Maron-Annaya to thank St Charbel who gave them two sons. They registered the double miracle on 05/28/2005.
Silvana Sarpian : 
Silvana was affected with AIDS. Her husband has already died because of the same disease. Her situation became to deteriorate, she was about to be paralyzed and she also lost her equilibrium. She prayed for St Charbel. He didn’t heal her , however, he gave her strength and energy so she could participate in the procession lead from the hermitage to the monastery on 05/22/2005. After the procession, she came to thank St Charbel who gave her the strength to move, to walk and to have equilibrium.

Amal Khalil :
Amal was infected with cancer in her left breast which was extirpated 17 years ago. Later on, a tumefaction appeared in her right breast. Her doctor advised her to undergo a surgical operation in order to extirpate her right breast. She asked him to give her a period of time for she was afraid that the disease spreads in all her body. Then, she visited Saint Charbel, and while she was before the tomb, she felt that three needles were pierced in her breast. Thus, the tumefaction turned out in her breast into water that started to get out gradually from her body and she was completely healed without any surgery. She registered her healing on 06/19/2005.

Paulette Khoury :
Paulette was infected with an unknown disease for two years. Because of her illness, she entered Hôtel Dieu Hospital; however, her disease hadn’t been identified and her body has swollen completely. She visited St Charbel in Annaya and she took an oak leaf’s and oil from Mrs.Nohad el-Chamy. Thus, she was totally healed from her disease. She registered her healing on 06/22/2005.

Rita Tanious :
Rita is a mother of an eleven years child. She lost hope of having another child. She prayed for St Charbel so he could help the sterile women who she knows to have a child. While she was sleeping, she saw St Charbel in her dream and next to him a column where oil was leaking. When she got close to the oil, she blessed with each finger the sterile women who she knows. Later on, she got pregnant and she had a boy, she called him Charbel. While as the women that she blessed with oil, every forty days, one of them will have a baby. She registered the miracle on 06/22/2005.