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Other graces and healings >> Miracles 2001

Therese Elias Akel

She entered to a hospital in San Francisco for she suffered from pulmonary edema as well as from a gallstone. Saint Sharbel appeared to her; he extracted the stone and cleaned the lungs from water and he healed her. 

Claudia Said Youssef El Khoury
She suffered from cancer that reached her bones as well as her spinal cord and got an advanced stage. After taking blessed oil from the tomb of Saint Sharbel, she was completely healed.
Sharbel Mansour Oueiny and his wife Mary Antonios Kozaily
Mary was pregnant with two babies but they found out that they were suffering from some problems and they decided to stop the pregnancy.
She visited, thus, with her husband, the tomb of Saint Sharbel and she wore the blessed belt and the cassock and they recited the novena of the Saint. Before undergoing the surgery, the doctors were surprised for the babies were in good health.

David Eid Abi Rached
This child is an emigrant in Canada. He got leukemia and doctors informed him that he was left four days to live. He prayed to Saint Sharbel who appeared to him kneeled on his bed in the intensive care unit. He was completely healed and he resumed his life.

Rafik Jean Khamis
Rafik had a car accident and he hit a truck in Bhamdun (Lebanon). His brain was damaged and he entered into coma for twenty one days in Hotel Dieu de France Hospital. After losing hope in his recovery, his aunt, the nun, put blessed oil from the tomb of Saint Sharbel, in his mouth. Instantly he opened his eyes and he regained conscience.

Theofille El Sokhen and his wife
Theofile Georges El Sokhen and his wife Shimene Robert Harun got a child, knowing that Shimene was sterile. Nine months after their visit to the tomb of Saint Sharbel, their son was born and they called him Eric-Sharbel

The healing of an Italian child
An Italian seven year-old child was suffering from kidney failure. He was obliged to undergo dialysis. But when a Lebanese nurse woman rubbed him with blessed oil from the tomb of Saint Sharbel, the child was healed from his disease.

The healing of a Spanish woman
After suffering from hepatitis and cancer, this woman was put in quarantine in a Spanish hospital. Her relatives prayed to Saint Sharbel at his tomb and they asked his intercession. Thus, he answered their prayer and she was completely healed.

Cesar Rizkallah Zugheib
The child Cesar Rizkallah Zugheib, from Rashaya El Wady (Lebanon), suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage. After giving him blessed oil from the tomb of Saint Sharbel, the hemorrhage stopped and he was healed. They participated in the mass in Saint Maroun’s Monastery dedicated to thank Saint Sharbel for this healing.

Majed Kalash
The child Majed Kalash got the lymphoma. However, he was healed when Saint Sharbel made him the surgery without causing any wound in Hotel Dieu de France Hospital. In addition, he healed the grandmother of the child who lives in Aleppo.

Muhammad Najib Rabah
After a 27 year-old marriage, Muhammad Najib Rabah and his wife who was more than fifty year-old, got a child and they named him Sharbel.