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Other graces and healings >> Miracles 2003

Bellinda Abdallah Bakhos
She was suffering from backaches. She underwent thus necessary tests that revealed a slipped disc and she needed a surgery. Her husband visited the tomb of St Sharbel, prayed and took blessed oil. When he rubbed her with it, she was healed. She came with her husband to the Monastery on April 27, 2003, in order to thank God for this grace she had through the intercession of St Sharbel.

Mary Koshkarian
She had ulcer and further to endoscopy at Baabda’s Hospital, they found out that there was hemorrhage and she needed to be operated. In her dream, she saw St Sharbel.
On August 13, 2003, she underwent a second endoscopic test which revealed that the ulcer was healed. Therefore, she came to the Monastery on August 22, 2003 in order to thank God for this grace.

Nohad Abdallah
Doctors diagnosed liver and intestine cancer. She prayed to St Sharbel before the surgery and asked him to heal her as Nohad Shamy. She underwent a surgery and they found out that the disease has disappeared. Therefore, she went to the Monastery and got her healing registered on November 25, 2003.

Pauline Nasrallah
On February 2nd, 2003, I got Guillain-Barré Syndrome. It was the worst experience ever. I was paralyzed and I followed several treatments for three months and I saw many doctors and underwent physiotherapy. One day, I went to Mrs. Nohad Shamy in Halat and we prayed together. When I came back to the hospital, something incited me to stand up and walk alone. It was due to St Sharbel who helped me get out of this agony.

Rasmiyeh Abdel Latif Zein
She is Shiite, and her husband is Christian Maronite. She’s a mother of four children and she is a nurse from sixteen years at Harun Hospital. She fainted and they took her to the hospital to undergo some tests. They found out that she was suffering from infections and that there were stains on her lungs. They took her to Geaitawi Hospital. She asked the intercession of St Sharbel and she drank blessed oil and incense. When she underwent the medical tests, they found out  that she was healed. After spending two nights at hospital, she left and went back to work. She visited as well, with her colleague Antoinette Boutros, the Monastery on August 8, 2003 in order to thank God for this grace she had through the intercession of St Sharbel.

Salbany Haikal
I am a mother of eight children. I got hemiplegia and I underwent a surgery in my head at the Lebanese Canadian Hospital but I did not recover. My sons took me to the Lebanese Institute of Beit Shabab to follow the treatment. On the Annunciation Day, and while I was praying to St Sharbel, he appeared to me and ordered me to stand up and walk. I went instantly to the bathroom without any help and my daughter was sleeping. She opened her eyes and saw me walking in the room. She shouted and wanted to know what happened. I answered her: “St Sharbel has healed me and ordered me to walk.”
I came to the Monastery on April 11, 2003 in order to thank God for this grace I had through the intercession of St Sharbel.

Sayed Sarufym
He had dizziness and he entered to the hospital. The medical tests revealed that there was a tumor in the brain and he had to undergo an urgent surgery. After the surgery, and while he was in the intensive care unit, St Sharbel appeared to him and put his hand and his finger at the place where the tumor was and told him that he was completely healed. Seven days later, he left the hospital.
Therefore, he visited the tomb of St Sharbel on September 8, 2003 to get his healing registered.

Yaba Martine Sonitra
She’s a maid in Lebanon and she has two children in Sri Lanka where her mother takes care of them. Her brother works as well in a Lebanese manufactory. Her mother got cancer and the disease was spread in all her body. Then she called her daughter in Lebanon to come and see her before she dies. Yaba brought an oak leave from Sts Peter and Paul hermitage and some blessed oil and incense. She travelled to Sri Lanka and her mother was dying. She boiled the oak leave and gave her mom to drink and said to her: “I brought you an efficient drug from Lebanon.” One day later, she was completely healed and asked her daughter about the drug.
Therefore, Yaba went with Mrs. Martha Moussa and got the healing registered.