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Various prayers

Oh Saint Charbel, who had a holy life in this monastery, attracting everyone through miraculous power given to you by the Lord.

Here I am, near your sacred tomb, I thank you for every time you were by my side, especially during hard times and sufferings, being thus the intercessor for me and my beloved.Copyright Image

I came to pray through your intercession, because I trust your comforter kindness.

Needless to reveal my pain, for you are aware of the secrets and needs deep in my heart. Pray for me to the Lord.

I am absolutely a vulnerable and a weak person. Surrender to the will of God is not an easy thing for me. But you lived marvelously this virtue that accompanied you through your silent life.

I confess that I live far away from God, even far away from myself. Help me then to make from my life a concrete testimony for the celestial father so that I deserve his filiation.

Oh Saint Charbel. I, the weak person ask you to come to my rescue. Protect my life from evil. Help me to trust God endlessly, especially during sufferings and temptations.

Bless my work. Bless my family. Bless all those who seek your intercession, all over the world, especially those who come to visit you. Fill their hearts with kindness and mercy towards the weak and the poor people, as well as the people who are suffering.

Oh my beloved intercessor and protector, I trust your mighty intercession. Have pity on me, bless me and provide me with strength. Amen.