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Various prayers

Copyright Image1. Lord, infinitely Saint and Glorified in Thy Saints, Who has inspired the Saint Monk and Hermit Charbel to live and die in the path of Jesus Christ, and gave him the strength to detach himself from the world in order to make triumph, in his hermitage, the monastic virtues: - We implore Thee to bestow upon us the grace to love Thee and serve Thee following his example.
God Almighty, Who has manifested the power of the Saint Charbel’s intercession, by the numerous miracles and favours, grant us the Grace (…) by his intercession. Amen – (Pater – Ave- Gloria).

2. Dear Lord, You, who taught Charbel how to be rooted in monastic vows which he lived in absolute silence and neutrality, conforming his life to Yours, help us to commemorate him and meditate his heroic extraordinary life by telling him:

Blessed are you, F. Charbel, for you were passionate of prayer, virtue and piety when you were still a child, in your far village amongst your serene family and decent relatives.

Blessed are you, for you aimed to the monastic life, accepting the call of God with full liberty and freedom. Thus, you left your village Bkaakafra and you never returned again.

Blessed are you, for you dedicated your life to monastic vows and to priesthood, participating daily in mass and looking continuously and tirelessly for the face of God!

Blessed are you, for you shined among the other hermits due to your absolute asceticism and your unnatural silence which astonished all those who knew you even after your death!

And now, my Lord, we ask you through the intercession of St Charbel, to keep your Church enriched with all those who have a similar life and who follow the tracks of our holy priests, hermits and monks who sacrifice themselves for the salvation of the whole world. Amen.

3. Jesus Christ, son of Nazareth Family, You who invited the righteous Charbel to join the monastic life rooting his faith among his Christian family in Bkaakafra, give us, through his intercession, families reanimated by the firm faith, the domestic virtues and the parental example so that they become source of real Christian vocations.

4. Lord infinitely glorified by His saints, You who fascinated the heart of F. Charbel who chose the hermit life, granting him the grace and the power of being away from world keeping paste to the monastic virtues: chastity, obedience and poverty, we ask You to give us the grace of loving You and serving You as he did.

O mighty God! You who spread the power of Charbel’s intercession through the multiple miracles and marvels, provide us, through his intercession, with the grace to which we aim. Amen.