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Hermits of the Annaya hermitage (1798-1967)
  1. Father Elisha Kassab El Hardini (1798 – 13/02/1875):
    Father Nimutallah El Hardini’s brother. He first joined Kozhaya’s hermitage on November 29th, 1828 and a year and a half later, he moved to the Annaya hermitage, where he lived for more than 43 years. He then died on February 13th, 1875. He was active at work. It was he who tiled the hermitage carrying its tiles on his back from a distant area. He also planted the vineyard in the eastern part of the hermitage after cutting the trees and preparing the land by ploughing it till it became sowing worthy.

  2. Father Youhanna El Akoury (1821 - 1859)Copyright Image:
    Dwelled in the hermitage for a period of time with Father Elisha, then he returned to the monastery.

  3. Father Youwakim El Zouky (+1847):
    He lived in the hermitage for a long time with Father Elisha, and then he returned to the Houb hermitage, where he died.

  4. Father Libaos El Ramaty (1823 – 07/08/1914):
    He moved a number of hermitages, and he lived with Father Elisha for five years and with St Charbel for eighteen years. He was later transferred to Al Kattara hermitage, where he died after 21 years.

  5. St Charbel Makhlouf (08/05/1828 – 24/12/1898):
    St Charbel entered the hermitage on February 15th, 1875, which was after Father Elisha's death, and he died there, when Father Antonious El Mishmishani was in office.

  6. Father Makarios Sawma El Mishmishani (1840 – 10/10/1914):
    He entered the hermitage in 1880, and remained there till his death. He was St Charbel’s friend.

  7. Father Antonious El Ghalbouni (1849 – 17/05/1930):
    He lived a period of time in the Annaya hermitage, then he was transferred to the El Kattara hermitagCopyright Imagee, where he died.

  8. Father Antonious El Hsarati (1870 – 11/02/1946):
    He lived in the Annaya hermitage for 26 years and died there.

  9. Brother Boutros El Mishmishani (1860 – 17/09/1942):
    He served the hermits for 30 years.

  10. Brother Mikhael El Tannoury (1841 – 23/06/1901):
    He humbly and faithfully served the hermits.

  11. Father Antonious Kozhaya from Kour-Batroun (1883 – 08/07/1958):
    He was a diocesan priest. He then became a monk who served the hermits. Later, he became a hermit and died.

  12. Father Elias Abi Ramia El Ahmajy (1870 – 21/03/1967):
    He served hermits for a period of time. He was the last to live with St Charbel and the last hermit to live in the hermitage, because, after 1950, with the spread of St Charbel’s miracles, the hermitage was gradually converted into an international shrine.