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Sister Mary Abel Kamary

Sister Mary Abel Kamary, from Hammana, of the Two Sacred Hearts Nuns, entered the convent in 1929 and retained good health till 1936 when she was struck with severe pain in her stomach, thus vomiting whatever she ate. She was treated by many specialists in vain. They asserted the presence of an ulcer in the stomach. And the X-Rays showed that the pancreas, gall bladder and kidney were stuck to each other as if one lump, which hindered them from functioning. After she underwent a first operation and a second, which lasted for four hours, the results were unsatisfactory. From then on, pain augmented more and more for 14 years. Her body became so thin that she threw up whatever she ate. This resulted from the excruciating and acute pain in her bones.
The crises followed in different types : paralysis in her right arm, the need of a cane to walk, decaying of teeth…. Thus, death was inevitably near.
She was informed of Father Charbel’s miracles, so she went to ask his intercession. As a result, he appeared in her dream. He raised his arm and blessed her. She set off from Bikfaya to Annaya in the company of some nuns. She arrived at the monastery in a hopeless state. Then she was taken down to Father Charbel’s grave. No sooner had she touched the grave tile than she felt a current in her back. While she was praying near the coffin, the name of St Charbel appeared carved on the tile, wreathed with drops of glistening sweat. She wiped it with her scarf and then rubbed it on the afflicted area. Thus she got up and walked, which raised the shouts of joy for her recovery.