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Copyright Image God…
He is the Almighty behind miracles. It’s enough to think about the act of the creation which constitutes the first miracle known to man.
In the Old Testament, the event of the Exodus out of the land of slavery into the land of promise shone as a miracle that the scriptures constantly mention to prove the intervention of God, the Saviour, in the history of Man.
In the New Testament, the Gospels tell us of the miracles of Jesus, the Son of God, who walked on our land and abundantly gave love to mankind. The «Acts of the Apostles» has quoted how Jesus’ disciples performed similar miracles: they healed the sick and the lame and raised the dead. All this was achieved in the name of Jesus.
Since its beginning, the Church has acknowledged the miracle, many of which it has confirmed. It has depended on the research of the most well known doctors and the latest techniques to prove that what has happened can’t be explained by science, implying that the miracle is the work of God.

He gives the grace to people who accept it. Therefore, they become saints. And through their intercession is the miracle performed. One of the saints is St Charbel. Can anyone ignore the miracles that have taken place through St Charbel, and which have been witnessed by many? Isn’t the miracle of Madam Nohad El Shami’s cure still bewildering the most prominent specialists? The contemporaneous know how she was and how she has become overnight. Can’t St Charbel be truly named the saint of the extraordinary?
The Church has confirmed two miracles for the beatification of St Charbel, and the third for canonization. This can be viewed in this part of this website. Moreover, we’ve expounded Mrs Nohad El Shami’s miracle, which is a well known contemporary miracle. News and information about the graces and miracles of St Charbel are still flowing to St Maron’s Monastery, Annaya, where his tomb lies. Most of this information deserves attention, especially because those who convey it are known for their sobriety and meticulousness. And sometimes, this information is confirmed. However, to name what’s heard as miracles, we have to obtain their confirmation from the Church. But we present it here after the approval of those concerned, for the visitor of the website to know that St Charbel is a great intercessor who knows no obstacle between him and those asking his intercession, and who develops a true relationship with them, which, many times, leads to a miracle through God’s will.

To restate a little…Copyright Image
A miracle is generally a blessing for healing and the like. How many tears have been shed next to St Charbel’s statue and tomb, at his church or hermitage? These are affecting scenes that touch the inner depths of those who see them. Of the many, few are the people who obtain a tangible miracle external to them and to others. Some would ask, “Why did this person obtain the miracle and the other didn’t?” “Why is it Nohad El-Shami and not other women, who suffer the same ailment?”

In the right answer to those questions did man rejoice. There is a natural path to keep matters running, and for sure, God doesn’t always phenomenally intervene in this natural path. But, at times, a miracle takes place. God changes the way things go if a saint intercedes, if something no one understands happens or if there is an oppression or a warning for repentance and so on. So man is to say that he is unable to understand God’s performance and wisdom. What we do understand is to head for God saying : Thy will be done. This proves the deep understanding of man’s existence before God and not a negative surrender of one’s self. Therefore, Copyright Imageimposing a miracle on God is a test that the Holy Book, in its Old and New Testaments, warned of. Doesn’t the attempter say by trying to impose the miracle on Jesus, “Jump down this mountain and the angels will carry you?” Doesn’t Jesus answer him, “Don’t try your God”? Then, we should direct our hearts to God to know that he loves seeing us pray before those glorified - his saints. Let’s allow him the choice of the miracle. If we accept this logic, a miracle will surely happen. This miracle will convert us internally and offer peaceful living, which no one and nothing can take away from us. This is because it is peace coming from God.

We go back to St Charbel and his miracles. We read about them and learn that he is immensely loving in friendship towards all those who resort to him. How many friends in this world have we resorted to, asking their advice even if we have known that they can’t change our affairs? Charbel is surely a friend whom everyone would take as a shoulder to cry on. We can’t tell the time of the miracle, but his being close to us is enough. Charbel is the great and the friend. He is the miracle in itself. His life as well as his death is a miracle. His attraction to people is a miracle. The frequency of people’s visits to Annaya is a miracle. His miracles are miracles. Let’s read about them.