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Other graces and healings

Since 1950 and till present, the monks of Saint Maroun Monastery in Annaya, have not stopped registering the graces attributed to the intercession of Saint Charbel for the miracles he performed are countless and are preserved in the Monastery’s archives. However, it is impossible to mention all these numerous miracles, but we will tackle some of them and, thus, starting 2001.

It is worth mentioning that these miracles, which cover the whole world including the various believers (Christians, Muslim …), can’t be registered unless they were authentic and true.

Most of the healing cases are classified under incurable and malignant diseases and each way of healing differs from one case to another. There are those who were healed further to prayer, others further to blessed oil or incense, or by wearing the blessed belt or cassock, or by participating in the mass at the Saint’s tomb or at the hermitage or even reciting the novena.

However, these healings do not reach only bodies, but they rather include the souls corrupted by sins and misbehavior caused by their distance from God. Countless are the visitors who repented and got back to the way that leads to God after visiting the Monastery of Saint Maroun or Sts Peter and Paul Hermitage.

As for the common link between all these healings, it can be summarized by the faith in the intercession of Saint Sharbel to Jesus Christ, son of the Living God who is able to perform all kind of miracles.

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