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Eskandar Obeid

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Eskandar Obeid, an ironmonger from Baabdat, lost his sight in one of his eyes as a result of an impact in 1937. He was treated by Doctor Naghrabieh without success. He, the doctor, recommended that the eye be removed to prevent the sound eye from getting affected.
Doctor Salhab referred him to the best specialists in Beirut. They also recommended the removal of the eye. This condition persisted till the appearance of St Charbel’s miracles in 1950. Eskandar waited for a sign to visit St Charbel’s tomb. During that time, he never stopped praying and receiving the Holy Communion till one night, St Charbel appeared in his dream and signalled him to go to the monastery.
He spent his day praying in the St Maron's monastery and finally slept near the tomb. He started feeling pain in his eye, which was a signal of curing. Consequently, he went back to Baabdat with the ever increasing pain in his eye. This pain persisted until it got to an unbearable state. Finally, he slept for a while. During his sleep, he found himself near the St Mousa's church door unloading a truck. Suddenly, the truck driver poked him in the affected eye with an iron rod. He woke up terrified. He also, for a second time in a dream, found himself next to a monk who was applying some detergent to his eye saying, ”You’ll feel agonizing pain, but you’ll be cured.” Then the monk disappeared. Eskandar looked and saw written on the floor, “Charbel, the Slave of God.” He gasped and woke up to cover his sound eye with a handkerchief. He clearly saw the displayed St Charbel’s photo with his previously defunct eye.
His and his wife’s shouts were raised due to the immense joy. The neighbours hurried to the scene and started chanting and singing hymns.